Thursday, September 16, 2021

If Allegations in Peril Are True General Milley Should Be Court Martialed

 Hearing the leak of General Milley’s phone calls 2 the Chinese general left me aghast

I thought I was watching a reshowing of Seven Days in May black & white movie from the past

Plot by senior members of US military 2 the U.S. government overthrow

re the MSM raging that on 1/6/21 we endured 2 the insurrection show

Woodward & Costa’s new book Peril claimed Millay told the Chinese that the “insurrection” was not a threat 2 peace

He had known his Chinese counterpart 4 years & would give notice before our nukes were released

But when loss of civilian control of the military 1 thought couldn't get worse

If true Milley's guilty of treason 4 going outside chain of command & civilian control over the military trying reverse

Claims in Peril that at Pelosi's behest due 2 fearing nukes in Trump’s hands

Milley instructed commanders at the National Weapons Center that any Trump commands w/o his approval were banned

The idea of Trump so deranged that he thought he lost by Blue voter fraud

He would lash out militarily's a ludicrous idea totally flawed

Woodward & Costa stand by their sources & Milley’s office has denied

As Americans concerned over the Deep State we must find out who lied

As we determine the truth Milley must B put on administrative leave

Let the facts come out before we try 2 prejudice the outcome on who we want to believe

If Peril is true time 4 a court martial 2 begin

A warning 2 the Deep State they can’t win

© 9/16/21 The Alaskanpoet 

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