Tuesday, September 21, 2021

In PA Third Strike for Paying $2 for 1 Bottle of Mountain Dew on a 2 for $3 Price Could Be 7 Years

 For thinking that 2 for $3 meant a price of $1.50 each

And walking off after leaving $2 on the counter ran afoul of PA.'s 3 strike law

Arrested and if convicted for a 3rd strike facing 7 years

Not sure where arrested but in Philadelphia would be released with only promise reappear

Even if the crime were serious like assault or an illegal gun to possess

Why the D.A. filed charges on this pettiness boggles the mind to assess.

In Ralph's in California one often sees signs for 2 $price and one half you have to pay

Or one will see a sale priced sign with note the number of items to buy to get that price on display

This seems total overreach at work

Where is the intent to shortchange the store must be berserk?

If the owner of that store had any sense at all he would see the idea of a theft is amiss

He would ask for the charges to be immediately dismissed

Better yet he would reach out to his fellow shop owners to see if they needed someone to fill a job

May be mistaken and he may be a Mountain Dew sugar addict with no control, but can't be any attempt to rob

© September 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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