Sunday, September 5, 2021

Who to Believe State Department or Taliban Blocking Planes Loaded With Americans, Green Cards or SIV's From Taking Off?ablocking


It is time for Wynken, Blynken and Nod get out of their trundle bed to act
Blynken is Blinken our pathetic, weak Secretary of State whose only skill is to lie and distort the facts
So many other Biden Administration officials could fill the out the role of the other two
Harris is a good choice for Wynken who is absorbed to find root causes to outraged citizens construe
And the hands on neck winner for Nod is Biden whose neural batteries in just a few hours run down to zero
Taxing his dementia challenged brain that on the withdrawal that he is trying to claim he is a hero
The buck or in his case since debased by growing inflation trends Monopoly bills
Rests with him on the botched withdrawal, loss of Bagram and billions of arms and 13 service members killed
But now we learn that Blinken has a lot of blood on his hands
The urge to transfer blame to Trump on the SIV program he cannot withstand
We learned today that 6 planes are on the ground 200 plus miles away from the Taliban

Full of Americans, green cards and SIV’s who want to leave this dangerous land
Early news reports claimed the Taliban were not letting the planes leave
Now more likely it is Blinken’s failure to give approval so departure can be achieved
So Qatar will allow the planes at its air base to be received
Rick Clay of the private rescue group Plan B believes the delay by the State Department is due to its desire to not embarrass the president
An impeachable reason if true and days ago to Qatar w/State Department OK’s they could’ve been sent
2 competing stories but easier here 2 pick the 1 2 believe
1 motivated 2 leave no 1 behind the other 2 keep Senate & House majorities and the voters deceive
© 9/5/21 The Alaskanpoet

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