Sunday, September 5, 2021

Life of Riley on Meth Means 4 Family Members Shot and Killed and 1 Wounded


As the number of states legalizing recreational marijuana are increasing in a rising wave
Too often ignoring the arguments that it is a bridge drug or extended smoking it will send users to an early grave
On the issue of bridge drugs ignoring that some illegal drugs not only the users kill
But victims who did not OD and then die as innocents added to the butcher’s bill
People stoned on marijuana rarely commit violent acts
Unless they are so stoned they are driving impaired so ability to avoid collisions they lack
Same with heroin or cocaine with victims hit by DWI
As it is usually the user who is not the only one to die
But meth is another story as the user’s activities and mental instability ramps up
And uncontrollable acts of violence against friends, family or strangers erupt
Bryan Riley a 4 year 2 tour Marine sharpshooter combat vet
A poster child for why we should not legalize meth yet
Tried to enter a Lakewood house with 11 year older Amber inside
On the grounds that God had told him she was going to commit suicide
Told to leave by residents who called 911
Cops arrived and searched but could not find how far he had run
Sadly 9 hours later he returned to 4 family members kill
And wound but not fatally Amber mocking his sharpshooter skills
Wounded then surrendered in a shootout with police
Then off to jail to be charged when released
Riley is alive and Amber expected to live
We may learn what a deadly combo PTSD and meth its users give
The church where he worked as a security guard
May have to revisit its security hiring vetting as in this case was marred  

© September 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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