Friday, September 10, 2021

Thanks to Newsom and Blue Predecessors the Golden State Has Become the Pyrite State


At another time that seems now so far, far way
California was known as the Golden State with hopes, dreams and prosperity to display
A magnet for Americans to move here during and after the war
Good high paying jobs, great schools, highways, weather and beaches the population soared
Known as the Golden State, with Hollywood the entertainment capital of the world and pumping lots of black gold
Good fortunes to be made for those who worked hard with good ideas and were bold
Companies formed in the shadows of Cal, Stanford, USC and UCLA
To like Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel and Northrup great success to display
Today after years of one party Blue rule at all levels of the state
The yellow of golden prosperity now is like a banana like a  Banana Republic rate
The litany of failure grows longer each and every day
To finally less people have moved in than have moved away
Highest taxes, most business regulations, highest homeless, highest feces per foot on our streets
Sanctuary cities filled with illegals, highest number of students failing to performances at grade level meet
Led by a Blue governor who is facing recall election
Calling in the troops Warren, Klobuchar, Sanders, Harris and Biden to stave off rejection

He went overboard on shutting down the state to throw millions out of their jobs
His EDD crashed and could only not send out unemployment checks or by scammers be robbed
And the icing on this disaster cake was his arrogance to not follow his own COVID-19 rules
Trying to with his mantra of it’s a Republican power grab and the thousands of Indies and Blues recall petition signers fool
Thanks to him and his predecessor Blues the Golden State has become the false gold,  State of Pyrite
But a Yes vote on recall and a vote for Elder will mean once again a future that is bright

© September 10, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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