Thursday, September 2, 2021

Recall with Elder Is the New Relief Factor For California's Pain and Suffering


The anti-Recall ads are all about smear
Recall backed by January 6 protesters we should fear
Plus something from leftist California Blues I thought I would never hear
Complaining about the $200 million cost they are the new fiscal hawks to appear
Elder’s ads are more of a litany of depressing facts
Failure in education, highest home prices, taxes and homeless, reasons of why Newsom should be sacked
Newsom in desperation is trying to tie Elder to Trump
A white supremacist with a black face that those who are not racists should dump
Recall election is a matter of life or death—Elder must be the second coming of the Grim Reaper
Trying to scare voters with his Soros funded ads to convince voters he is a keeper
Despite his $64 million campaign war chest filled with union funds his record runs hollow
Any more time by him in Sacramento should be a very hard pill to swallow
Elder is also a spokesperson for the pain relief of the Relief Factor pill
Given the mess this state is in could there be a  Relief Factor the need for relief fill?
Answer is yes and there is no cost, no need to swallow and you can’t obtain it in stores or online
With no side effects as one needs only to vote yes on recall and then for Elder at voting time

© September 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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