Thursday, September 2, 2021

If You Believe In the Tooth Fairy You Believe Psaki Claim All Afghans Flown Out Will Be Vetted


Biden with his shill of deceit and misinformation Psaki is about as transparent as a lead pane
Over 100,000 Afghans were airlifted by us with very few translators and interpreters that the Taliban would not killing them refrain
Biden’s credibility on the Afghan withdrawal is next to nonexistent
Psaki intones with a straight face all Afghans will undergo extreme vetting before to the U.S. interior they are sent
Anyone after listening Biden’s pronouncements that Afghanistan would with its arms not soon fall
When transcripts reveal Gharsi told Biden that without air support the Taliban conquest they could not stall
Another Biden deception and lie indicating to Gharsi they should stage a perception changing event
While the Afghans were supposed to the mantra of “everything is fine and under control present”
After hearing and then believing the Psaki thorough vetting claim
Would have to be a person so gullible or having room temperature IQ in his brain
We hand an obligation to not leave Afghans who served with our troops behind

It is a testament to our caring nature we boarded those fearing from Sharia law their bodies and minds
But there still are in Afghanistan some 36 million more
Like the billions more on the planet that want to be here we must close the door
The American life raft is already overflowing with over 200,000 illegals a month unvetted with bogus amnesty claims
An open border with drugs, gangs, trafficking and with most illegals’ demands for help imposing on our social safety nets and prosperity a disastrous drain
© 9/2/21 The Alaskanpoet

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