Monday, September 13, 2021

Biden Angry at Unvaccinated and College Football Fans F*Bomb Him


Biden who campaigned from his basement as the master of the bait and switch
After promising unity and transparency in his inauguration speech tossed both concepts into the ditch
Destroyed with stroke of a pen Trump policies that the flood of illegals was beginning to end
Opening up border to the increasing 200,000 a month plus trend
Handed vaccines by Trump’s warp speed silver platter
After casting doubt on any Trump produced vaccine to the reasons to take it shattered
After election and the vaccine was ready to in arms appear
Inanely believing the doubts on taking it created by him would disappear
Rolled up his sleeve and shifting gear urged Americans to ignore his doubting mistake
Then as vaccines lagged as doubters and those with natural immunity the vaccines refuse to take
The vaccines that were supposed to the vaccinated from COVID-19 prevent
Are now demanded on the unvaccinated so the vaccinated will not to the hospitals be sent
Angry at unvaccinated for ignoring his dictatorial vaccination desires
Announced that employers with over 100 workers could only vaccinated retain or hire
Tossed the science that recovered COVID-19 immunity is stronger
Than that from the vaccine and may even last longer
After his royal edict this cognitively dysfunctional frail old man tottered off the stage
True to form leading with his back to reporters who questions raged
As a puppet for the teachers’ union watch for mask mandates for under 12 year old kids
Push to zoom learning and another school year sliding down the skids
No wonder last Saturday in many packed college football arenas cheering TD’s by runs and in the air
The F*bomb chant of rejection of Biden angry fans vented and wanted to share
© September 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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