Monday, September 20, 2021

Hypocrisy Rules at the Maskless Emmy's in Defiance of LA Rules


Nest to each plates at each table at the Emmy’s should have been a pyrite “H” pin
That was required to be worn while the cameras were focused on the crowd watching to see who would win
And when the winner bounded up to the stage to an award achieve
Camara required to  highlight the “H” pin to mock we are in this together deceive
Our television elite gathered to at mask mandates thumb their collective nose
Despite the fact L.A. County is still in COVID-19 infections, death and hospitalization woes
Hawthorne was enshrined in the hall of literary fame with The Scarlet A
We need a writer who will the hypocrisy of the pyrite H to display
Why pyrite for the “H” when the event was held in the Golden State in L.A.?
Because this Blue Banana Republic State under Newsom has caused the color gold to fade away
Since even the hypocritical out of touch elite still have some remaining  human being traits
We hope this maskless potential super spreader event does not lead to infections as the attendees’ fate
Maybe because Main Street Americans wish for a moment that they too could flaunt the COVID-19 rules
Ratings were up as envious viewers turned in to watch these hypocritical fools
At least this year the Emmys managed not to repeat an award to a disgraced Blue elite
Like Cuomo who resigned to avoid impeachment that would have removed him from his gubernatorial seat
© September 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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