Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Leaked Emails Show State Department Obstructing Americans From Leaving Afghanistan


The new Taliban when it comes to American hostages is not in Afghanistan

It is the Blinken State Department in our own lands

Refusing to grant permission for any non military flights with Americans on board

To land in U.S. military bases and pledge of "no Americans left behind" ignored

Leaked emails from our State Department clearly show

State Department will not allow landing at military bases or approve landing at foreign nations to go

The real Taliban may be doing the right thing by following the State Department's lead

Blocking departure because they can the lack of approval heed

This is so outrageous for Blinken to aid and abet hostage confinement

An impeachment resolution needs to be passed and to the Senate sent

And Biden needs to up his Prevagen dose to order the State Department immediately do what has to be done to get those planes into the air

Or the blood on the hands now residing on the State Department hands for blocking the gates Biden directly must also share The world is turned upside down with illegals without vetting crossing in a tidal wave And our State Department throwing up a wall instead of stranded Americans and our Afghan allies moving heaven and Earth trying to save © September 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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