Thursday, September 16, 2021

What Can Texas Do When Biden Refuses to Enforce Law on Illegal Immigration


Looking at photos of 4,000 plus illegals under a bridge should make it clear
As more and more illegals at our southern border continue to appear
That Biden has made a decision that the border to illegals must remain open wide
There must be no barriers to those illegals who want to come over to our side
The laws on the books that make it illegal for an illegal to our border cross
Bided feels that with inaction to enforce such laws he can toss
Could not care less for the crime, drugs, increased school and welfare payments and jobs and higher wages lost
Since like the other Blues who believe illegals will become Blue voters to replace black votes the falsehood of calling them refugees he will gloss
What does a state do when a president refuses to enforce the law
When over 200,000 a month of illegals has to be like the last straw
Can we find a way to criminalize the activity of crossing the border?
To nip in the bud all of the crime, drugs, trafficking and millions to maintain schools and order?
What if the lands along the border were marked with no trespassing signs
Entering the lands so posted either from Mexico or from within the state, jail time and a fine?
Notify ICE so detainers would be issued so illegals when released are delivered to ICE hands
For immediate deportation from this land
Not sure whether that would meet ACLU muster
But videos of a steady stream of deported aliens would cause the cayote pitch to lose some luster
Will be difficult to wait another 14 months to Congress reclaim
To Biden’s disastrous policies including immigration to contain

© September 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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