Monday, September 6, 2021

Elder Is the New New "White Supremacist" Linked at Hip to Trump Huh?


There was once a time when a white appearing in black face would not be subject to savage attacks
Al Jolson proved that when he introduced the “talkies” to the large screens and the “silents” sacked
In 1959 John Griffith underwent treatments to darken the color of his skin so he could travel the South as a black
To document firsthand the evil of effects of Jim Crow segregation daily to the quality of life of blacks attack
His work was praised at a time when most whites outside the south had probably not a clue
Of the fear, pain, humiliation and loss of basic civil rights that blacks were going through
And in the south most whites chose to close their ears and eyes
On the evils of Jim Crow segregation making it easier to the denial of all men created equal justify
Fast forward today to the Woke, CRT, Project 1619, BLM and PC warriors where “racism” is found under any rock
The charge hurled so often on every aspect of life or institutions that its currency so devalued ceases to shock
Wearing blackface is a political mortal sin
Photos surfaced years ago doing it means one will not win
Now a new double standard that a black because of views can be labeled a white supremacist
Larry Elder by name at a get out the black vote by Newsom supporters the charge they could not resist
A new standard applicable only to those of color of thought not skin
A black Elder who is conservative becomes a racist white due to this thoughts so he cannot the back vote win
Newsom is so desperate to stay in office and against recall  it’s a racist spin
Tosses King’s goal of judging a man based on character not color into the trash bin
© September 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet


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