Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Blue Seeking to Run Against Johnson In Wisconsin Charged With Stealing Campaign Funds


We have known sadly that the Reptilian brain quickly crosses the aisles
When on the sexual predator hunt either party can hide its guile
So party loyalists have learned when an opposing party member is exposed to hold their cheers
For as certain as the Sun rises in the East, the reptilian brain can on their side of aisle also appear
Sadly the part of the brain that controls integrity and morals
Has the same party weakness of the reptilian brain so amoral
Wisconsin is battleground state in 2022
Crucial for Reds that it is not captured by a Blue
Ron Johnson may or may not run for reelection for a third term as his approval ratings have dropped
Having said in 2016 running for a second term after it ended his political career as a senator would have stopped
The Blues must think he will call it quits and toss in the towel
At least 5 Blues are already on the running for his seat prowl
That number may be soon reduced by one
By felony charges that should the voters stun
Chantia Lewis a member of the Milwaukee City Council has been charged with stealing 21 grand from her campaign funds war chest
Then filing false financial statements to conceal and try to avoid arrest
“Democracy Dies in the Darkness” but also when elected officials steal from campaign funds
Emboldened by their nickel and dime successes next step is extortion hundreds of thousands of ones
If convicted as an example off to prison for the max
Against political corruption we can never relax

© 9/7/21 The Alaskanpoet

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