Friday, September 3, 2021

Biased "Fact Checker" For USA Today Has 2 Correct Claim Biden Wasn't Glancing at Watch Until Ceremony Doneemony prr

 This should not be a difficult rule for journalists to it adhere

If one is going to be a fact checker when checking facts one’s bias must disappear
At the ceremony receiving the 13 caskets containing the service members who were by a suicide bomber killed
A somber dignified moment that those watching to hold back tears required great will
Biden was seen glancing repeatedly at his watch as if he had better places to be
Biden’s images went viral to produce a social media storm and scorn from Gold Star Families
Daniel Funke a “fact checker” for USA Today most likely a Biden supporter wanting the scorn to deflect
In his “fact check” he claimed that only after the coffins had been transferred did he his watch check
The backlash from those Gold Star families present was swift as Funke implied the viewers had lied
The next day the he was forced to file a correction that checking his watch during and not after was denied
So USA Today
 once merits the “Fake News” label
No wonder more and more readers feel it’s not news only a biased fable
Biden’s botched withdrawal following intel warnings of impending Afghan collapse he tried to hide
Leaving behind Americans and many of  our Afghan allies who fought with us side by side  
Will damage our credibility for years
Afghanistan will be a terrorist haven that we will fear
Already the all hands on deck call by the MSM has gone out
Expect to see spin that withdrawal was a success to tout
MSM bias coupled with “Fact Checks”
Not checks but another reason to the MSM views reject
© September 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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