Wednesday, September 1, 2021

George Soros Answers Newsom's 911 Call and Pumps in Another 500 Grand


The recall election spawned by over 1.6 million voters who demanded a change
Must have caught Newsom by surprise as his arrogance could not fathom so many would want the deck chairs in Sacramento to be rearranged
Probably was feeling smug given that an early leader for the recall John Cox in 2020 went down in flames
The two to one advantage of Blues to Reds made him feel confident his seat he would retain
As an insurance policy he was raising money by the millions  to create a Blue wall
No way a Red would sway Blue voters to leave their party to support a recall
Instead of some old white men running as recall Reds
Newsome was blindsided by different types of candidates instead
Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender, announced and stripped Gavin of his homophobic cards to play
Then an African American radio host and conservative, Larry Elder, joined the recall fray
Poor Gavin was stripped of most of his typical playbook
Couldn’t call Elder a racist, paths Blues in campaigns usually took
With a record on the pandemic hard to run on and arrogance off the charts
Fearing a close race time to link Elder to Trump and January 6 protests to start
The false claims will not work as the recall is grassroots
Millions lost jobs and EDD crashed a good reason to give him the boot
The great threat to free elections George Soros just added another half million to Gavin’s war chest
With crime off the charts and no cash bail, link Soros to LA and SFO D.A.’s and revolving door fact into streets after each arrest
Ask voters worried about safety in addition 2 feces urine & used syringes coating our streets
Do U want 2 keep a man who reaps money from Soros who wants 2 law & order & safety defeat
 © 9/1/21 The Alaskanpoet

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