Thursday, September 2, 2021

As Harris Seems to Have Faded Away Will She Stage a Comeback By Putting 25th In Play


Chuckles once again seems to be MIA on Afghanistan caught by the Peter Principle now a liability to Biden and fades away
Never underestimate a women who feels she has been abused and can put the 25th into play
The number of people in power and influence that believe Biden is not cognitively a wasteland you could count on the fingers of one hand
Each day he remains in the Oval Office creates danger and disaster for this land
If he still is in the Oval Office in November 2022 there will be a Red tidal surge
His failed withdrawal in Afghanistan, inflation, his open border policies and his projection of being feeble and weak
A groundswell of voters new Red office holders they will seek
Hiding in the shadows of her incompetence to issues handed to her trying to confront
Does she come to the conclusion that Biden is done and the American people will no longer tolerate his dementia stunts
And strike while the iron is hot as  Vice President in an important role with the tie breaking vote
Still able to play an important role and seek before the fall the 25th to invoke
Hard to political outcomes predict but good chance unless she acts her Oval Office goal will fade away
As president the specter of ongoing disaster due to her would still be in daily play
Although her leftist politics stink and she possesses the Hillary unlikability traits
Unlike Biden her brain seems not to be in a deteriorated dementia state
© September 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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