Thursday, September 2, 2021

Blues Have Turned the Golden State Into the Pyrite State/ Iron Sulfide State


Newsom just picked up from Soros another $500 Grand

To add to the $64 million on hand

Making it very hard for the recall forces to the smears withstand

Newsom wants us to forget his record, so he won't be canned

We were once known as the Golden State

For great schools, great roads, available housing and prosperity for all to await

Topped off by great weather, great beaches, entertainment on which to sate

With failing schools, homelessness, high taxes, roads in disrepair, and businesses leaving the state

The gold of California's image has faded so "Fools Gold State" is a more proper name

Too many years of Blue rule with higher taxes more job killing regulations to blame

Maybe "Fools Gold State" we keep because it describes those productive residents that will not leave Or “Pyrite State” or “Iron Sulfide State” to be PC compliant as their dreams they no longer can achieve

© September 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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