Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Biden Missed the Lesson of Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick As He Rants Loudly But Is Stickless


Biden must have found some new drugs to enhance the workings of his brain
Addressed the nation on Afghanistan withdrawal with no lapses or pauses in his teleprompter speech contain
For once seemed in command of his mental faculties to his lies of Afghanistan conceal
On a withdrawal totally botched that hopefully a Congressional investigation will reveal
Most Americans believed this was a war with misplaced nation building goals we needed to end
But the images of Afghan allies trying to flee and Americans soon to be trapped as disgraceful images to send
Closing down Bagram and fleeing in the dark of the night
Not well thought and a pathetic cutting a running sight

Confined to Kabul with one runway and a perimeter entrusted to Taliban arms
Not a question of if but when our troops at the gates would meet deadly harm
13 Americans by a suicide bomber blown away
Thousands of Afghan allies hiding knowing Taliban will soon coming to them to slay
Overwhelming numbers of  Americans wanted to end this longest war
The false option Biden tried to pass of staying with more troops an attempt to cover up the chaos in the future instore
Cutting and running tossing into the trash our commitment to leave no one behind
Future allies willing to stand with us in harm’s way after Biden’s retreat would have to be out of their mind
Miley, Blinken and Sullivan need to resign or be fired and sent packing
And the MSM sycophants of Biden and Harris need to end their fawning 24/7 inane backing
© September 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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