Tuesday, September 21, 2021

At Her Level of Incompetence Harris Invokes Harris Corollary to Peter Principle and Blames CBP


The Peter Principle confirms that people are promoted to their level of incompetence
The Harris corollary is that when reached it is time to go on the blame game offence
Harris has no business being the V.P. other than she is a black female
Every task Biden gave her she could only avoid and fail
Tasked with protecting voting rights and union efforts to organize enhance
She is the task master never seen and neither causes thank God seem to advance
Solving illegal immigration was to be her most important task
If she curbed illegal immigration in the accolades of a grateful nation she would bask
Instead of addressing the root causes of the illegals tidal wave surge
Right before her very eyes as Biden Trump’s successful policies quickly purged
Biden and Harris and the leftist Blues in campaigning touted an open border
Illegals throughout the world heard the message—get here and you are free from a deportation order
The message now advanced almost in whisper like tones that no illegal will hear or believe
Do not come; it’s not the time but the scenes at Del Rio prove only failure has been achieved
200,000 plus a month of illegals caught and then mostly releases with or without a summons to years in the future appear
Not a chance many will show up to learn their amnesty has been denied and into the fabric of this nation have disappeared
Harris points the finger of blame at the overworked and underfunded Customs and Border Patrol
Trying to do their job of achieving a secure border taking on them and their families a severe toll
When Harris points the finger of blame three blame fingers point at her and the thumb points to the Hell where she belongs
Biden’s and her policies are playing this nation’s security, pandemic fight and prosperity swansong
A plea to Kamala Harris
From your inane blame pointing spare us
© September 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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