Monday, September 6, 2021

Wave Of Shootings In Chicago on Labor Day Weekend as the New Norm--Lightfoot and Fox the Bobbsey Twins of Incompetence That Kill Blacks


On the Labor Day Weekend in Chicago not yet done
The bad news is 4 innocents have had their lives taken by a gun
The good news is that the shooters of color are spending little time on the ranges to improve their skills
46 victims shot during the period to achieve only 4 victims of color kills
And from the Marxist BLM built on atonement of perceived White Guilt what did we hear
From BLM sounds of silence and from Chicago residents the sounds of wailing in fear
This is why the movement is a fraud
Why their protests we must never again laud
Hypocrisy that black lives really only matter
Only when the shooter is a cop causing a family’s life to be shattered
Lightfoot is such a lightweight totally out of her leagues on how to deter murders and shootings
How much longer do the residents of color endure her failures before they launch a landslide from office booting
Sadly in terms of incompetence Lightfoot is not alone
The State’s Attorney for Cook County total incompetence has also shown
Chicago residents begging the police to solve more cases are plagued by Kim Fox
So quick to not charge or lack of preparation to convict, infected by the L.A. D.A.Gascon pro criminal pox

© September 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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