Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Simple Choice on Recall--Continue the Tyranny of Blue One Party State or End the Decline?

Never underestimate Newsom’s ability to not go high only go low
Resort to any distortions and smears to the voters snow
With Elder an African American trying to throw the race card you would think he would shrink
No, in Newsom’s frantic quest to remain in power his campaign labeled Elder a “white suprematcist” to his campaign try to sink
The fawning leftist rag The L. A. Times picked up the baton and ran with it at hyper pace
Shades of a 180 and Biden not being “black enough”, Elder was a black in white face
Newsom’s race card tossing was pathetically weak
But the “R” was still there to help retaining office seek
The recall petition that arose from the grass roots
Of Blues, Indies and Reds united to, based on his performance, give Gavin the boot
Was morphed with the obscene amount of donations into a “Republican Power Grab”
Sponsored by the likes of the oil companies, January 6 protestors, Trumpsters and sticking the state with a $215 million tab
Not one word of Newsom’s performance and the loss of the shine of the “Golden State”
Homeless, highest taxes, failed schools, EDD collapse and fraud, businesses and residents flee, misery grows not abates
Not sure of victory Gavin pleaded for Blue dollars and Blue big guns
Harris, Biden, Obama, Sanders and Warren trying to create voter fear so Elder they would shun
In the closing days from the bottom of the smear barrel to scoop
Tossed the V card that Elder’s position on vaccine mandates would kill voters—how low can a desperate failure stoop?
The choice on recall is simple do you want more of a Banana Republic one party state
Where schools, safety, income, housing affordability, roads, quality of life surrounded by feces and needles has become third rate
Or do you reject the continuing decline and loss of prosperity as California’s fate
And want a change from Blue tyranny to restore the luster of this once vibrant Golden State?

September 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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