Sunday, September 12, 2021

Principal at Eastlake High School Bans Wearing of Red White and Blue Because It Might Offend


The cancer of PC and Wokeness continues metastasize and grow
Increasing in speed and size and not in any way seeming to slow
Eastlake High School students in Sammamish in Washington State wanted to observe 9/11 at their football game
Wear red, white and blue clothing to honor those who died due to 4 jihadist suicide planes
A fitting tribute that the game must go on but we the living will never forget
And honor those who fought for 20 years wounded mentally and physically or paid the supreme debt
But at the last moment the principal citing unnamed sources who would be offended by a patriotic display
Ignoring the hurt and anger of those whose expressions they would be required to delay
Banned the patriotic event
And should be to the pink slip line be sent
We should never trample legal rights and feelings of the minority but to the tyranny of the minority thin skinned PC warriors we must never bow
Losing our rights to assemble and display to an intolerant leftist minority is a despised act that we must never ever allow

© September 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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