Sunday, September 12, 2021

Surgeon General Wants to Crack Down of Vaccine Exemptions


The heavy hand of the federal government has just gotten much more oppressed
On the issue of a right for a person to determine what goes into to his body suppressed
Any employer with more than 100 employees must require
That an employee must be vaccinated or cannot be hired
And if that person already working is not vaccinated must be fired or resign
With exceptions that will be monitored like religion or medical conditions the feds will define
When most of the medical science on the virus believes
That a person who has had CVOVID-19 and recovered has immunity achieved
On medical conditions who among us would trust the distant feds
To prescribe an action our doctor opposes because it would endanger us or leave us dead
The batting average of the CDC on the pandemic from its origins to treatment to prevention has been erratic and too often wrong
On the issue of double masks, outdoor masks, social distance, therapeutic drugs the list is too long
Yet the ideas of a CDC or federal bureaucrat not our personal doctor belongs
If SCOTUS does not strike this mandate down we will as a nation be singing our person freedoms swansong
Not a stretch to ban hiring any smoker because lung cancer fills too many hospital beds
To ban hiring of the obese whose eating will to strokes, heart attacks and diabetes have led
No one in our federal loss of personal freedoms crusades
Has proved that vaccines are superior to acquired immunity which more slowly may fade
Or that since breakout cases still exist
Do they justify the idea of taking a vaccine to resist


© 9/12/21 The Alaskanpoet

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