Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Behar Enemy of Democracy Is Not Manchin But Biased MSM Like You Who Won't Hold Or Cognitively Challenged President to Accountmendtwoaracy rcyn


Joy Behar shows once again on The View
When it comes to inflation and economics she is without a clue
Mind so clouded with bias she has bought the there is no cost hook line and sinker
Clearly her brain has only room for being a Blue rabid hack with no room to be a thinker
With inflation on an increasing upward trend
The fall in real wages seems not likely in the near future to end
A typical Behar rant
No concealing her leftist slant
But in her leftist wrath she called Manchin “the Enemy of Democracy”
Blind to the fact that the true enemies are the left’s one party autocracy
And a MSM that is so blinded by bias it ignores Biden’s failings that continue to mount
That goes to any length to avoid bringing the Biden Administration to account
With McCain gone and 5 leftist Pinocchio’s on the set

Viewers wanting news not bias will quickly switch to channels with a more objective mindset
© September 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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