Monday, September 20, 2021

Alarm Bells for Biden/Harris As Leftist Ruhle Slams MIA Harris


Finally after a basement campaign of Biden’s growing dementia totally ignored
And 8 months of fawning over him as his self-inflicted disasters continuing to soar
Open border crisis at 200,000 + illegals a month coming across
Inflation soaring including gas and 13 dead Americans in a botched withdrawal lost
Americans and Afghan allies in Afghanistan left behind
Vaccine mandates for troops and federal employees  being signed
Of the growing list of disasters the illegal alien surge tops the list
Finally leftist journalists like Ruhle the siren call of an objective free press can no longer resist
She slams Where’s Waldo Harris for being MIA supposedly at work hidden to find root causes that before her eyes exist
The root cause for the illegal immigration surge is that Biden threw Trump immigration policies into the trash
Ended the wall construction, cuffed ICE deportations stay in Mexico before your bogus asylum claims could be heard so illegals walked across no attempt to evade or dash
One moment of objectivity does not an unbiased journalist make
But on Harris thank God slamming her was a step she chose to take
©  September 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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