Monday, September 20, 2021

Fool Proof Way to End the Open Border Position by Biden Administration


Ending the flood of illegals the Blues support is not difficult or complex
Does not involve the restart of the Wall construction but a strategy that would prompt a close the border reflex
The root cause of illegal immigration Harris seems inept or unwilling to find
Is so apparent that to fail to see it means she must be blind
The border is open for one reason and one reason only
Any idea by the Blues it is due to humanitarian concerns is pure baloney
Or that somehow legals and illegal aliens want to be joined by more Latinos mostly unskilled
Is a delusional view that is a huge impossible to swallow pill
No, Blues want an open border because they believe
Latinos will vote Blue in large majorities so a permanent rule they will achieve
Reds by hook or by crook must reach out to Latinos with as many good Latino candidates they can muster
Mark this poet’s words that when more and more Latinos vote Red an open border will lose its Blue luster
Strong majorities of Latinos believe in families, religion, pro-life and creating businesses in search of the American dream
Doubt if they support defund the police, Antifa, CRT, BLM’s roots in Marx and should be major targets to join the Red Team
If the border is closed, Latinos shift to Reds and Blacks continue to flee the Blue voter urban plantations
Unless they shed the likes of the Squad that jerks Biden’s chain daily, Blues face growing condemnation
© September 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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