Friday, September 3, 2021

Former Blue California Senate Majority Leader Slams Newsom and Endorses Larry Elder


Time for the Blues to consider tossing their anti-recall ads
Time for the Blues supporting Newsom to understand California voters by politicians hate to be had
The over recall petition that over 1.6 million voters signed
Was not generated by any Republican Party overturn the election designs
The recall petition to give an arrogant governor the boot
Was totally generated from Blue, Red and Indie grassroots
With $64 plus million in donations to block the recall that dwarfs the $8 million that Elder, Faulconer and Cox have raised
The ads complaining about donations from the backers is like creating a typical Blue hypocrisy maze
Hide from the voters the teachers unions that should receive a failing grade
For blocking in class openings and  school choice and being responsible for math and reading scores into near last place fade
Were a major contributor and puppet string holder for do as I say not as I do hypocrite
Our inept arrogant governor who while closing public schools had no qualms to send his kids to in private school classroom sit
Hide from the voters a simple quid pro quo likely fact
That the millions spent to fight recall will want a return on their donations back
Finally in this Banana Republic Blue one party state Gloria Romero has on Newsom said enough
This former Blue California Senate Majority has endorsed Elder as someone when it comes to helping California the “Right Stuff”
She should be praised and applauded for her endorsement
Hope Blues learn of it and join to out of office have Newsom sent
© September 3, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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