Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Will Grassroots Recall Anger Trump the Millions Newsom Has Raised? Vote Yes on Recall and Yes on Larry Elderve ite ran


Money may be the mother’s milk for politicians who never seem able to slurp enough
Buys the ads, pays for the staffers and volunteers, and the campaign research smears when campaigns get rough
Gavin Newsom is facing a recall election on September 14
And he has dominated the campaign fund raising scene
Anti-recall donors have raised over 64 million dollars leading pro recall supporters by a margin of 8 to 1
If money rules in the recall Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer and John Cox are done
In this Bluest of almost all the states ads are on the Reds placing the recall blame
Lumping them in with the January 6 protesters, anti-vaxers, big oil companies and Republican National Committee, villains that merit shame
And as icing on the smear campaign asserting a cost of over $200 million to the election hold
Hard to believe that high spending Blues have morphed into fiscal hawks so very bold
The nearly 2 million voters who signed the recall petitions to give Newsom the recall boot
Were not the Republican Party leaders but from disgusted voters from the grass roots
Disgusted over the shutdowns and the collapse of Newsom’s EDD leaving the millions of jobless without checks
Disgusted over the Hooverville encampments with crime, feces, drug use and vermin to neighborhoods’ safety wreck
Disgusted over the power of the teachers’ unions who line Newsom’s coffers
To shut down in classroom teaching for viral teaching on line while Newsom’s kids in private schools enjoy the classrooms they offer
The last straw for the recall supporters many of who are suffering and down on their luck
Are the Newsom’s maskless at a $150 a plate French Laundry lobbyist birthday party yucking it up
Recall supporters must turn out to end Newsom’s arrogant reign
Elect Elder to restore California from its fools gold status to its rightful Golden State name
©September 1, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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