Tuesday, September 7, 2021

900 Pages of Documents May Show Fauci Lied As Claimed By Paul On Funding Wuhan Lab Virus Researchlieucpages of


Karl Marx in probing the greed of capitalism is supposed to have said
We will buy the rope from the last capitalist to hang him dead
For years we have had concerns that American companies in dealing with the Chinese
Have put short term profits ahead of national interests in order to the Chinese please
From bowing to demands to alter movies’ scripts to the CCP more favorably portray
To universities sucking up full tuition dollars from unvetted Chinese students coming their way
As the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the economic life of millions thrown out of jobs
And now nearing 700,000 whose lives have been too early robbed
Knocking down the strongest economy that should have Trump to a second term propelled
Instead allowed a cognitive disaster to hide in his basement enduring a dementia Hell
To become our Commander in Chief who despite vaccines handed to him on Trump warp speed platter
Proceeded to our once secure border, our energy independence and progress in fighting terrorism shatter
And like the dragon teeth sowed into the ground
His massive spending causing the inflation warriors to bound
We now find that instead of selling rope to the Chinese we were sending dollars to Wuhan Lab for research
On gain of function at a lab whose safety protocols were subpar and the viral escape left the world in a pandemic lurch
The 900 pages released are probably in complexity above most our heads
But Rand Paul and other virologists believe they support Fauci was not truthful but lying instead
In the U.S. we are nearing some 700,000 dead
Fauci may or may have not committed perjury but in the pandemic battle he should be shed

© September 7, The Alaskanpoet

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