Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sounds of Silence from MSM and Newsom After Egg Attack on Elder and Racist Epitaphs Shouted at Him


It seems like more than a century ago
When Michelle Obama intoned we go high when they go low
Larry Elder was campaigning on the streets of L.A.
When we witnessed the anger of the left on display
A white female in a gorilla mask
On a shut down a black Red in black hood task
Threw an egg at Elder and fortunately missed
From MSM sounds of silence as this assault dismissed
Suspect that if the egg had landed the silence would be the same
Any black Red seeking votes in a black hood deserves a violent response and is fair game
What is really outrageous by on the left on this growing Antifa like curse
Is that MSM would remain silent even if a brick tossed and landed which is much worse
The Kerner Report concluded there were two nations one black one white
The left believes there is only one nation not united and only those who believe the left is right
And those disagree with the left’s ideas or positions must admit that they are wrong
Unless they shed their whiteness guilt they and their ideas do not belong
Today a missed egg, tomorrow a brick
Finally bullets to perform the silencing trick
Newsom in his I need to stay in this office at any cost trance
By his silence blew his “we go high” chance and a time for calm to advance

© September 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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