Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Will Harris MIA as Immigration Cza Campaigning for Newsom Help Him Or Hurt Him?


The pro recall forces campaign will on Friday receive a great boost
The number two chicken of incompetence is coming home to roost
Not even to falsely claim she’s coming close to better the crisis at the border feel
But to campaign for Newsom to a no recall vote victory seal
She must feel that despite out fundraising the recall supporters 8 to 1
The voters tired of incompetence, hypocrisy and arrogance will a no vote shun
Explains the millions spent to conflate recall with Republicans and January 6 protests
And turn a black Larry Elder into a white faced supremacist to his approval arrest
Biden managed to survive the charge that in his support of blacks he was not black enough
But to levy the charge against a black man should cause many blacks to the charge stuff
Scratch the surface of Larry Elder until he bleeds and he still is not white but black
Scratch the surface of Gavin Newsom and a record of failure fitting of a Blue political hack
High crime, high homelessness, high taxes, high regulations, high home prices, high numbers fleeing state
High number of failing schools and no school choice, high amount of hypocrisy and low adherence to his own pandemic rules rates
Seeing an incompetent and unlikeable Harris on the stage with Newsom confirms they are peas in a pod
Both proof that the Peter Principle that politicians like people rise to the level of incompetence is not flawed
Boo Harris to  where the illegals are in a tidal wave crossing the border back
And vote Gavin Newsom to his winery PlumJack

© September 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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  1. That was hilarious. No level of Democratic inadequacy would ever over shadow the evil that is the Republican Party. I would vote for a Democrat dog over a Republican brain surgeon. That’s not a very uncommon opinion on the left.