Sunday, September 5, 2021

Biased Liberal Rag Rolling Stone Issues Update As Opposed to Retraction After False Ivermectin Story


“Like a Rolling Stone” that gathers no moss
Rolling Stone gathers no credibility when “fake news” it does not toss
The “mag”
A biased liberal rag
Ran a story about hospitals in Oklahoma that were being overrun
By patients using ivermectin, a horse dewormer to fight COVID-19 so other patients needing emergency care were turned away and shunned
Rachel Madow and Joyless Reid pounced on the story like piranha attacking a swimmer in the river
Relying on as a source Dr. Jason McElyea  to foster grounds to Reds ignore the science attack to deliver
Slight problem for both of these “pseudo journalists” on the way to the Fake News Forum
Jumped on the story without observing proper journalistic decorum
Which to their great discredited were joined by New York Daily News, The Guardian, Insider and  Newsweek,
Like Madow and Reid made no effort to corroboration of the sole source seek
As the bookends of bias were going berserk

National Hospital Systems where the “source” doctor worked
Said he had not treated a patient at the hospital in 2 months and never treated a patient who had ivermectin used
Once again our MSM fell in line to the Rolling Stone truth abuse
True to this liberal rag’s creed that against Reds no matter what you can commit no sin
Published not a required “retraction” but an “update” to conceal the lack of journalistic ethics it’s in

© September 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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