Tuesday, September 7, 2021

PC Warriors the New Lobsters Always in Molt Skinless Suing to Ban "The Eyes Of Texas" As Racist


Death and taxes head the certainties list
In today’s PC world there seems to be another certainty that exists
Once a racist always a racist and the charge survives past the grave
Never know when out of the blue the “it’s racist” chant will rant and rave
The PC warriors with eggshell skins believe that no one can change with the times
His or her past behavior covers the person with unwashable racist slime
George Wallace who with his body barricaded the U of A entry door
Ran of segregation now, segregation forever as standing among whites soared

After being shot in 1972 in his spine after being visited by Shirley Chisholm in his hospital bed
He would go on to his racist philosophy and acts bring to an end
From once vowing he would never be out segregated and lose
To in his last election as governor have 90% of the black him chose
Wallace was a person one could forgive and the “Eyes of Texas” was a song created in 1903
Often sung in minstrel black face as a “Eyes of the South” parody
The lyrics do not contain a racist note
Sounds more like being watched to worthy behavior and good deeds promote
Some students have filed in federal court that it creates a racial environment that is hostile and must be banned
If the student athletes so feel do not require them to sing and likewise same to the fans in the stands
Time for the PC warriors to stop being lobsters in perpetual molt with no shell
Thicken their skin and stop 24/7 spending every minute to on perceived racism dwell
© September 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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