Monday, September 13, 2021

W.H. Cuts Off Video Feed Mid-Sentence to Prevent Biden from Showing His Dementia


Listening to Biden as a staffer means you must be hyper alert
No warning when his cognitive impaired brain will cause him an inanity to blurt
What were excused as his just “being Joe” gaffes are now viewed as evidence of his dementia curse
Actions today in Idaho by Biden meeting to discuss wildfires prove his staffers think his dementia is getting worse
Biden spoke for some time off a script carefully crafted
But then wanted to ask a question probably to link wildfire with conditions so mafted
“One of the things that I have been working with some others is”
Cut off in mid-sentence by White House to prevent us from seeing he is no whiz
The staff not wanting to be accused of cutting off their boss will fabricate some excuse
An unforeseen technical problem not a reaction to prevent public from seeing his neurons having worn out their use
When it comes to press conferences, he looks more and more like a dog will trained
No longer turns to face and answers to their questions not refrained
An impromptu deviation from script must have caught them by surprise
Only safe reaction would be to subject the video feed to a quick demise
Biden’s accelerating fading mental acuity is really scarry stuff
When do his cabinet members cross party lines and to a person say enough
Harris and her leftist ways and ineptness to her core is a Hobson’s choice that both merit lack
Between a leftist with her neurons intact and one whose mental train is on the tracks
Put Harris into the Oval Office and Biden back in his Delaware basement
And move heaven and Earth to retake Congress to further disasters prevent

© September 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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