Sunday, September 5, 2021

Biden's Mental Failings and Americans Held Hostage Will Doom Blues Like Carter in 1980


Once again Biden’s mental failings are on display
As he visits Louisiana touting that FEMA is here and more help on the way
For a moment it looked like whatever Prevagen like pills he swallowed
Speaking eloquent words with promises we hope are not hollow
But photos revealed such remarks were not off the cuff
But outlined and lapses bridged by crib sheets in his pockets stuffed
Every time he appears without a teleprompter to have read
Staffers must hold their breath that more working neurons from his brain have not fled
He may not remember who he is going to meet or even where he is
But still enough neurons to tout we must get into the fighting climate change biz
Hope he enjoys his Labor weekend in hiding aping Jimmy Carter
With American hostages held not in Tehran but Kabul by Taliban wanting to barter
Sadly Biden is no Reagan that put the fear of God into the mullahs of Iran
That if hostages not released devastation would strike that land
He is also no Trump who would never have left Americans and their Afghan allies behind
How could Americans been as to Biden’s weakness and mental failings been so blind?
If he lasts long enough and dumb enough to seek reelection
The albatross of hostages in the minds of voters will lead to his rejection
© September 4. 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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