Sunday, September 5, 2021

Whether You Believe Klain or McCaul Watch for Payment of Big Dollars to Allow Americans and Afghan Allies Left Behind to Leaveueie


On the Sunday before Labor Day we received conflicting reports
On the status of Americans and our Afghan allies for whom our efforts came up short
Klain appeared on the icon of pro Biden bias CNN
And with a straight face intoned with this spin
There are only 100 Americans left and most of them want to stay in
For the Biden administration and their MSM sidekicks lying to Americans is not a sin
The other report delivered by McCaul of more Americans and American on six planes on an Afghan runway prevented from departing
For Biden the Carter like agony of hostages being held by the Taliban is now only just starting
Other reports that may be hard to verify are that Afghan interpreters and translators are being hunted down
Not to go into “reeducation centers” but beheaded or shot now American troops are no longer on the ground
Do we believe Klain or McCaul as to who is telling the truth?
Klain’s an unelected Biden chief of staff answers to Biden not voters in a voting booth
McCaul is an elected Red in a very Blue state
Has to face the voters each two years to determine his fate
His caught lying would be the kiss of political death
Klain’s lying would be aping Biden so he would not lose any breath
Truth this poet believes lies with McCaul but one thing is take it to the bank certain
Perceived by Taliban as weak and feckless, Biden will meet their demands of what is needed to raise up the Sharia curtain

© September 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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