Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Where's Waldo Flops During Trip to Guatemala and Mexico and Shamed to Visit the Border Hopefully Soon


The MSM fawning over “Where’s Waldo” is 24/7 and never stops
Hopefully it will take a breath as even the most biased should view her trip south as a flop
Anyone with a brain should know that the problems in Central America will not soon go away
Her ignorance on what’s causing the surge of illegals was put on display
When the Guatemalan President blamed Biden for the surge that due to his policies  will continue each day
One has to wonder why the crisis at the border she and Biden continue to downplay
In their minds the crisis must be that releasing illegals into the interior is subject to delay
Outraged by scenes of illegals sleeping in crowded floors with not enough beds on which illegals can stay
Finally due to the Peter Principle it looks like she will pull her head out of the sand
To go the border to meet with CBP on their needs and witness the surge that is totally out of hand
Or maybe she may be looking forward to over 100 more Air Force 2 trips
To all the countries with “root causes” sending us illegals trying to by an overworked CBP slip
The old adage that when a lawyer is moving his lips it means that lawyer lies
At the border hopefully her laughing to avoid showing her incompetence she will not try to defy

© June 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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