Wednesday, June 23, 2021

After 90 Days MIA Is Harris a Immigration Czar 90 Wonder as She Finally Will Head To the Border

During World War II the need for more officers we quickly needed to fill
From OTC after 90 days of training we minted 2nd Lieutenants to lead troops in combat up the hill
Hard to compress a West Point 4 years to learn one’s leadership and combat craft in 90 days
Fed into combat our foes found these 90 day wonders way too easy to slay
Fortunately only the brightest were sent to OTC and they in combat learned fast
Many survived to be promoted after the initial introduction to combat was past
Today we have an Immigration Czar but a CTC we seem to lack
Harris has been so appointed for over 90 days MIA from the border crisis she needs to attack
In her mind a trip to the border was only a useless grand gesture
As any attempt to solve the problem was in need from her portfolio of a quick divesture
She wanted to view the problem as one not of Biden policy but one of finding root cause
Has refused to see the flood and closed her ears to
Giammattei’s view Biden’s policies were flawed
Her main response to questions on border crisis and visits was to chuckle or laugh
A clueless failure bent on the Oval Office so she ignored her appointed task
Finally even Blues on the border
Seeing the chaos of illegals, drugs, trafficking, crime and disorder
Joined the Red chorus of come to the border cries
Could no longer not do her job and a visit defy
But like a timid swimmer to test the water with only one toe in
Not going to the epicenters of the crisis only El Paso where she can try to get away with a no crisis here spin
A Jim Acosta at a segment of the border wall déjà vu
Looking across into Mexico and pointing out no illegals anywhere in view
She like most Blues believe that the crisis is not enough illegals are being released
So the number of black and Hispanic voters to Reds lost will be regained by illegals’ votes in future increase
© June 23, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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