Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Parents Rising Up To Combat Critical Race Theory Being Shoved Down Kids Throats


In his “ I Have a Dream Speech” Martin Luther King, Jr. intoned
A path to take to end racial discrimination to be shone
Judge a person by his character not by the color of his skin
180 turn by CRT shoved down our kids’ throats that color should determine who wins
Teaching our children that because of their ancestors’ past sins
They are guilty and must pay and cannot win
Destroying the idea of meritocracy and the American Dream can be found with hard work
With an idea of awards based solely on race is an idea parents are waking up to that from it we must shirk
Labelling all whites with their ancestors’ sins to enhance “white guilt”
Will cause the efforts to achieve success to wilt
Parents white and black are rising up against CRT in schools as an idea corrupt
To at school board meetings protests against its implementation erupt
The MSM “journalists” are supporting CRT and demanding it be installed full speed ahead
In the mind of biased Joyless Reid any parent opposing is a racist and their objections must be shed
Like a true to form retard
Once again plays worn out race card
Critical Race Theory must be scrapped and tossed into the trash bin
Instead look to King’s dream to judgment be of character not color of skin
© June 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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