Saturday, June 26, 2021

Like A Stuck Record on Illegal Alien Surge Harris Points At Trump the Finger of Blame


It takes a rare person when things go wrong to not point the finger of blame
Easier to deflect attention from one’s role in the error lessen the  shame
So easier to not look in the mirror
Where the real culprit will appear
Instead of reflection on how to correct
Better to the unsuspecting one’s guilt deflect
A mistake is not like the stinger on a bee that stings only once
If not addressed it is repeated making you look like a dumber and dumber dunce
When one points at another the index finger of blame
Three fingers point back at you and the thumb directs you down to Hell’s flames
As the former most leftist Senator whose disgust for Trump she cannot disguise
That for the illegal alien flood she blames Trump should come as no surprise
Root cause for illegal alien surge is easy to see as it is in plain view
It is the open border policies and the desire for migrants legal or not of the Blues
What a better state of affairs would this nation be in
If from both sides of the aisle our leaders would curb blame the other party to try to win

© June 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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