Friday, June 4, 2021

Wakeup Call to Woke Coke--Go Woke And Chance To Sell Coke Will Be Revoked


Marx reportedly said “The last capitalist we shall hang will be the one who sold us the rope”
Finally some boycott backlash to companies who are becoming corrupted Wokes
MLB left the diamond and crossed the Woke boycott line
Moved due to Abrams’ pressure MLB Allstar game justifying it with Woke anti-racist whine
Now the CEO of Coca Cola came out and blasted Georgia’s new voting law
Falsely claimed it was designed to prevent black voting and thus flawed
Sadly it seems that even an iconic brand like Coke
Cannot resist the temptations of fawning to the left and going Woke
The left looks down on white males from the South as illiterate racist rednecks
But finally it looks like they have had enough of the left and with their wallets will reject
Atlanta sadly due to MLB’s caving and lack of spine
Will take a $100 million hit to its loss of MLB tourist spending bottom line
Surry County in neighboring North Carolina has taken hopefully the first of many steps
In response to CEO’s slam, Coca-Cola vending machines in county public buildings it will no longer accept
Half of the country is Red and concerned over the rush of the Blues from the center to the left
Their policies on open borders, defunding the police, climate change, and CRT seem like they are coming from a person high on meth
If Surry County is the beginning of an anti-Woke wave
Wakeup call to Coke to de- Woke or see sales and profits tumble into the grave
© June 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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