Friday, June 4, 2021

Instead of 3 R's Feces City Teachers Union Pushes BDS--Pity the Members Who May Be Jews Having Their Dues So Spent


If I were a teacher in Feces City I would be outraged
My union United Educators of San Francisco’s mission is to improve my working conditions and my teaching wages
Instead it has entered the political realm where it does not belong
Taking a position in favor of BDS is divisive and plain wrong
Teachers’ unions already are subject to great parental blame
Defying the science on the pandemic and closing schools thinking its spread that would tame
Holding elementary kids hostage to unions’ pro Blue whims
Putting their needed in person learning out of a to be cut off limb
Have not seen the stats on public school achievements in Feces by the Bay
But the grades given to the unions should be an F to the parents’ dismay
Not completely their fault to be solely accused  for the kids’ educational neglect
When the school board is focused on renaming schools to our history reject
This poet is not a Jew and is troubled by Palestinians dying and being maimed
But likewise by the hail of Hamas rockets the left seems opposed to blame
The only silver lining in this leftist inspired political mess
Is that focusing on Israel the teachers’ focus on CRT may be less
Unions need to stick to educating students with life needed skills as their only goal
Not to push them on to political anti-Semitic reefs and shoals
© June 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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