Saturday, June 12, 2021

Chris Cumo's New Day Ratings Tank Below 500,000 and Continue To Fall When Does CNN Pull the Plug


This poet has always believed with the stench of CNN’s liberal bias
That one should listen upwind to avoid the rants intoned with such pious
Now another reason to watch upwind as a new source of stench hits the airways
CNN’s morning show Chris Cuomo’s “New Day”
Is a viewer wasteland with viewers heading far far away
Less than 500,000 viewers tune in and more and more of them leaving soon
Totally expected to see an exodus from this bias pseudo “journalist” clown
One would hope that CMO officers who oversee the spending of dollars for TV ads
When sponsors paying rates based on ratings will now when they have been had
Compared to Fox and Morning Joe Chris Cuomo, is a  far distant third
Any thoughts he is entitled to a continued job is probably absurd
With 24/7 Trump bashing to drive the leftist faithful to CNN now in the tank
Only a question of when not if CNN runs out of cash and credit lines at the banks
If CNN had a single objective person in their headquarters or newsroom
Their collapse as a member of the press would be a time for sadness and gloom
But they do not and their 24/7 leftist bias will go for naught
Leaving a lesson to future TV companies on how to survive will have been taught

June 12, 2021, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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