Friday, June 11, 2021

Quick Thinking Rite Aid Clerk Puts GPS in His Money and He Is Later Caught


There was a time when bank robbers were plagued by the exploding money bags
That would explode and cover them and the money with red dye improving the chance the cops could them snag
Harder to do if the they fled in a car but with dyed money their efforts would go for naught
Who in their right mind would accept dyed money for something the robber sought
Hard to practice the adage follow the money when in commerce it might not appear
Better to follow the robber with a tracker on his car or person to adhere
Or better yet hide it in the money bags to send out locations as the robber tried to escape on his fleeing path
Not caught and ready to once again pull off another robbery to pursue his robbing craft
At a Rite Aid store in Delaware store in Delaware
The robber was in such a hurry with money being thrown into his bag he was not aware
A tracker unseen was in the bag placed
To send out locations as away he raced
The man with a felony record was located and soon caught
And since a clerk was pistol whipped more time in prison if convicted to rot.

© June 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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