Saturday, June 26, 2021

Harris Fearing Preemption by Trump Puts Her Toe in Water at Border Hundreds of Miles Away from Surge in Del Rio Texas


With Trump heading to the Border in Del Rio the epicenter of the illegal surge
Where’s Waldo not wanting to be preempted finally had to her refusal to go purge
Went to El Paso an International Gateway to give a speech at the airport
Then off to a CBP processing station 8.5 miles away to hear their report
All we heard from her is the lie we are making progress on the border
Totally ignoring the amount of illegals, drugs, trafficking, crime and disorder
Once again the false mantra of we have to find immigration’s root causes
While the rest of us especially those on the border  them quickly saw
In Guatemala the president there said it best
Need to change Biden’s open border policies for the surge to arrest
Sadly this hack who believes the more illegals who come the better
Deaf ear to Guatemalan president’s advice that would illegals’ entry fetters
Biden and Harris while campaigning broadcast a message so very clear
If you can cross the border you can remainy here
While your house is starting to burn to the ground
You don’t keep the fireman away until the arson squad has the cause found
You let them put out the fire with water and foam
Once an open border like a house fire is secured long term efforts to induce them to stay home
Over 100 countries are represented in the record number that came in May
We do not have the money or time for a Marshall Plan for the world to keep them away
So sad to see this validation of the Peter Principle deflect with chuckle and laugh
So clueless and out of her league to practice her “immigration czar” craft
© June 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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