Sunday, June 20, 2021

CNN Guilty of Cack on Voter List Purge Headline


Once again we have conclusive evidence that the “Cable” in CNN must be replaced by “Cack”
“Cack” means  an act of defecation, excrement or rubbish from a “pseudo news outlet that objectivity it does but  bias it does not lack
If TV’s were able to dispense odors with their pictures and sounds
The stench of CNN would make it impossible to stay around
In a “gotcha Georgia moment” CNN headlines blare
Georgia to purge 100,000 from voter lists proving voter suppression beyond repair
CNN must believe viewers are mere sheep with no minds
Easily duped like sheep and to the truth totally blind
All states routinely purge voters from their voting lists
If a pattern of not voting in several elections exist
Read the headline from CNN
To be duped its proof of Georgia voter suppression spin
Even though CNN ratings are in daily free fall
We are still waiting for the sponsors’ bloated ad checks to be stalled
True journalists when the last lights at CNN are turned off will rejoice
Marking the end of the premier false news channel, one less large biased voice
© June 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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