Monday, June 21, 2021

Almost 2/3 of Blues Want Voter ID Along With 91% of Reds Yet Blue Elite Fight the Requirement Instead with ils


Finally some reality on the question of voter suppression is starting to appear
The idea that voter ID requirements is an idea that most Americans support and adhere
How demeaning it must be for blacks for the Blue elite to claim?
That blacks are not capable of taking the steps for ID’s that show their name
Having an ID in today’s society is a pretty basic need
To board a plane, ship, or train or to get a library card to check out books to read
Open a bank account, buy or lease a car, check into a motel, hotel or B&B inn
Why we allow the left to the myth blacks can’t get ID’s continually spin
Get a driver’s license or a credit card, seek medical care
An ID is an item you will need to share
Many office and government buildings to enter will for an ID demand
Try to visit a relative in jail without an ID and you will be banned
To get a COVID 19 vaccine or a prescription at a drug store filled
Without an ID no needle in the arm and you won’t get any pills
Yet because Reds states worried about fraud that wipes out legitimate votes
Requiring ID to the Blues is like surrounding the ballot boxes with a moat
With the drawbridge firmly up to keep voters out
So they can beat the drumbeat of voter suppression by Reds trying to voters rout
If the polls are right that overwhelming Americans want voters to ID’s present
Blues are like paddling upstream without a paddle and to losses they will be sent.

© June 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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