Monday, June 21, 2021

Halberman of NYT Life a Stuck Record Ignores Biden Attacks Trump As If He Were Still In Oval Office


Marjorie Haberman a “journalist” for the New York Times and contributor for CNN
Is living proof that pseudo journalists prove Andy Warhol was right again
Anyone can obtain 15 minutes of fame
Before the Peter Principle sends them down in flames
She personifies what Biden wanted to Doocy call—a one trick pony
A one skill only and as a journalist a total phony
For four years all she could was attack ruthlessly Donald Trump
Armed with bias after shedding any objectivity into the trash dump
Hitched her star to the false Russian collusion that the Mueller witch hunt could not find
To any Trump positive accomplishment with her anti-Trump animus she was blind
Still a White House correspondent but anything on Biden she cannot seem to write
She’s still stuck pounding out stories on Trump trying to prolong the anti-Trump fight
When will her lack of stories that are current that subscribers will want to read
Convince the paper that at her salary her columns the paper no longer needs?
At least she is not alone as viewers of CNN stars like Lemon and Stelter are massively shed
Many of whom are attracted to the fair and balance of Fox instead

© June 21, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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