Friday, June 11, 2021

Lesley Whitmore's One Handed Grab of Foul Ball With 3 month in Her Arm Goes Viral arh Gd


Thank God we have moments going viral that bring joy
When a mom at a baseball can her multi tasking skills deploy
Lesley Whitmore with her 3 month son was at a Padres game
Looks like her baseball skills would put many of us to shame
Holding her son in her right arm a foul ball bounced and went her way
Right hand reached up into the sky and her catching skills were displayed
Grabbed it as a souvenir from other male outstretched hands
Viral video of the catch shows the excitement and joys in the stand
Maverick when he grows older will have a souvenir in a case of plexiglass
Her mother will have a joyous memory that will always last
And those naysayers or jealous ones without the ball who implied she put her son in harm
Lesley replied moms know where there kid is and from holding him she has a very buff arm

© June 11 , 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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