Friday, June 4, 2021

Thanks to BLM and Defund the Police and Reduced 911 Who Are You Going to Call in Asheville


Finally the reality of the BLM anti-cop mantra is coming home to roost
“Pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon” will not a cop’s morale boost
Across this nation as city governments lack spine
Succumb to the leftist “Defund the Police” whine
Trained officers with years of experience are leaving in a Blue tidal wave
So with no replacements as budget are cut who will be there to citizens’ safety save?
Ashville, North Carolina has not been in the cops are systematic racist news
But since 2020 84 officers tired of no support no longer want to wear a uniform of blue
With less officers to put on the streets to serve and protect
Residents now find certain 911 calls a police response the department will reject
A wakeup call to the Perfect Storm of the BLM and the Progressive left
Defund the police and strip 2nd Amendment to leave citizens alone to face maiming and death
No wonder gun sales are booming across this land
Without police one will have to be armed to assaults and murders withstand
Due to Defund the Police the Blue Wave in 2020 never made it to shore
Receding it meant fewer Blues elected to the House not more
If Reds want a winning ticket here is what the Progressives have put on a silver platter
Open border, crime waves, divisive CRT, rising taxes, our safety here and abroad shattered

June 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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